About Us

Living Free Conferences- Living Free Conferences focus on bringing freedom in key areas of a person’s life, enabling them to live a much more fruitful life. During the conferences, participants receive in-depth teaching followed by ministry from a trained team member. Our goal isn’t only to see real change, but to equip each person with the tools to continue this freedom process.

Living Free Conferences worship is lead by Abbey Andrew

Testimony of Janet: "I came to the Living Free conference without many expectations. After all, I've tried so many other ways to cope with the feelings I've buried deep inside. When I first heard the schedule, there was no way I'd spend that much time at church, but during each session the things I learned and the emotional healing I received, the time just flew by. I discovered many things about myself, one of which I'm not as bad or dirty as I thought, in fact, God treasures and loves me. Later in the year, when I'd start to get down on myself, I could remember the things I learned at the conference and the rough times weren't so rough anymore."

Children's Ministry- The Under the direction of Laura Andrew, a multi-generational team ministers to children in areas of worship, prayer, the Word, hearing God’s voice, and a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

Conferences/seminars are available to train and encourage youth and children’s teachers. In addition to foundational principles, Laura teaches topics such as how to lead kids in worship, listening prayer, creative ways to teach the Bible, and other related topics.

Laura Andrew and her team of young adults facilitate this children's event.